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My name is Kent Merritt. I call myself a writer since nothing else has worked out.
I'm currently working on my second book: I, Of The Storm, a wild ride into an alternate universe of Route 66, military cover-ups, Elvis mood rings, and heavenly visitations.

I, Of The Storm is currently available on Amazon. However, as of this writing, I am strongly discouraging anyone from purchasing it, because it's not finished. Why would I publish an incomplete novel, you might ask? Well, you can download a free sample and read the introduction to find out.

Also, you can find my first book - which is fully completed - at Amazon:

The Zen Christian: Faith and Meditation

More About Me

I lived in the Los Angeles area as a struggling screenwriter for over 20 years. Two of those years I managed to actually get paid to write scripts, working for two small independent production companies. Although most of this information is archived, you can still view my Screenwriting/Web Content services.

The nice thing about being a writer is that you can be a writer anywhere. Since I am no longer living in Los Angeles and have recently returned to my home state of Oklahoma, I have switched gears with my writing and am now focusing on my ebooks and my Songwriting.

Way back in the 20th century at the dawn of the internet age, I taught myself HTML coding in order to create website content. You might like to waste some quality time by visiting the Websites I've created over the years. After all, I keep paying to renew these domains year after year just so my hard work won't disappear off the face of cyberspace, so you might as well check them out.

And best of all, I'm available! And my services are cheap! If you're needing some help with any screenwriting, creative writing, songwriting, or pretty much any kind of ghostwriting, check out my rates to find out just how cheap I can be! Imagine getting this kind of quality for such ridiculously low prices!

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