About Me

Okay, so that's not really me.
But it sort of looks like me on a bad day. The nice thing about being a self-employed writer is you can look as frumpy as you want. But then, you're interested in my writing services, not my looks...right?!

About My Services

I worked for two independent production companies in Los Angeles, California as a screenwriting ghostwriter. Or, was it a ghostwriting screenwriter? I can't remember. Anyway, it sounds a lot more glamorous than it actually was. I have since relocated to my home state of Oklahoma, where I am a self-employed, self-published, self-conscious writer.

While I await the phone call for one of my scripts to sell, (c'mon, economy!) I spend my time honing my skills on the world wide web. I have created quite a few websites over the years, and have also written articles and blog postings for other websites. These services are now available to you, the home viewer.

Here's a few of the websites I've created...

Wide To Infinity
I Read It On The Internet

If you like my style of writing, and feel that it would compliment your website, please let me know. If you need website content, I can create search-engine-friendly copy that will not only entertain and inform your visitors, but I do it at rock-bottom prices. I am payable through PayPal, which also accepts any major credit card. Shoot me an e-mail for more info.

Thanks for your interest in me and what I do!



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