About Me

Okay, so that's not really me.
But it sort of looks like me on a bad day. But then, you're interested in my services, not my looks...right?!

About My Services

I worked for two independent production companies in Los Angeles, California as a screenwriting ghostwriter. Or, was it a ghostwriting screenwriter? I can't remember. Anyway, it sounds a lot more glamorous than it actually was. I have since relocated to my home state of Oklahoma, where I am a self-employed, self-published, self-conscious writer.

While I await the phone call for one of my scripts to sell, (c'mon, economy!) I spend my time honing my skills on the world wide web. I have created quite a few websites over the years, and am also quite proficient with SEO techniques to improve website search results. I have also written articles and blog postings for other websites. These services are now available to you, the home viewer.

Here's a few of the websites I've created...
If you like my style of writing, and feel that it would compliment your website, please let me know. If you're interested in having me create a basic website for you, I can do it at a very reasonable cost. However, I'm not really promoting myself as a website builder or designer, so you're not going to get anything too fancy or too complicated. If you like what you see from the links to my available sites, then I can create something similar for only $199.00 for up to 3 pages. I am payable through PayPal, which also accepts any major credit card. Shoot me an e-mail for more info.

If you need website content, that is more my cup of tea. I can create search-engine-friendly copy that will not only entertain and inform your visitors, but I do it at rock-bottom prices. I'm currently offering a special rate to optimize one page that will make it as search-engine friendly as possible. Please e-mail me for more information.

Thanks for your interest in me and what I do!

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